Portland Truth Chronicles a World of Darkness Chronicle that centers on characters in the city of Portland Oregon who are tainted with a terrible knowledge.

The Truth

The Truth is a thing-that-must-not-be and acts as a major overarching antagonist for this chronicle. It is the terrible knowledge that the protagonists of these stories carry.

Theme: Trendy Debauchery

Mood: Superficial acceptance

Virtue: Charity

The best thing about Portland is its compassion for the less fortunate. It is a pioneer in programs to help the homeless, dis-stigmatize the oppressed, and to help those in need.

Vice: Pride

With rampant joblessness, thriving human trafficking/sex trade, rampant drug culture you might think Portland Oregon has vice of sloth, lust or gluttony but above all those things gleams a prideful arrogance that revels in its other inequities as if they were virtues. The vice of Portland is Pride.